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As a hotel we are focusing on personal attention and pampering to our guests. Therefore our guests can experience real top class food and service in our own hotel restaurant.

Our Chef creates a meal as no other with fantastic basic ingredients, just a few extra touches and lots of passion. You will find with us the finest fresh seafood that can be found on the continent in our private restaurant. Daily we have a dinner choice, with specially selected top aroma.

The main courses vary from Tuna, Kingfish, Jumbo Prawns, to the famous 1kg up to 2 kg Char grilled Lobster. Also we serve meat dishes of beef and pork. Vegetarians will find their dinner with us too.

We too serve fine starters and desserts; a good example is our Carpaccio of Springbok as starter.
If you want to have a fancy dinner, something special or different, experience real top class food and service make a reservation in our Restaurant”.

Green Bamboo Barbecue Price
Nyama Choma Garden is famous for local and international cuisine. The restaurant area has a playground for children to encourage family outings on weekends.


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